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To our customers, shareholders, and partners

The spirit of “MOTTAINAI”, a traditional Japanese word pursuing the preservation, is the heart of our corporation. We believe this core value leads to contribute our society through minimizing the wastes, which would consequence higher value on people around us. We are making our best efforts to establish an innovative recycling conglomerate that satisfy not only customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders but also the people around us wherever we are.
President / CEO Fumikatsu Sano

Economy and Ecology. In the past centuries, these two words did not in a same category.
Our world was seeking for economical growth, seeking for convenience and comfort to the
life. As a result, we broke the balance of nature and the cultural world, causing extreme
weather and destruction of environment.
However, economy and ecology are now inseparable components to build an ideal society.
Our corporate name is the fusion of economy and ecology, declaring our resolution of
building a sustainable society. Moreover, we call ourselves as “recycling innovator,”
to show our effort and enthusiasm of achieving zero emission.

3507-19  Yamamiya, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0111 Japan 
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