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To be the world wide recycled material distributor: that is our global strategy. We are proud to say, there are high demands for the Japanese made products at overseas due to its high quality, even for the scrap materials. To meet such demands, we established our group to be the Japan’s best recycler, with various technologies and facilities to turn industrial waste into new products: metal, plastic, fuel tablet, etc. These materials are shipped to many parts of Japan as well as China, South Korea, Taiwan and many other regions. Not only that, ECONECOL operates intermediate trading of metal and plastic scrap, metal sub products and waste paper with the major producers in Asia. Ask us for Japan’s high quality scrap materials.
Exported Amount in FY 2009
ANNUM (tons)
Ferrous Scrap 481,737
Non-ferrous Scrap 6,510
Plastic 4,178
Waste Paper 131,421

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